Startup and Trade VISA

Startup Prep. VISA(D-10-2)

This visa is for individuals who wish to engage in researching, technology / business start up activities in South Korea. OASIS Program participant ONLY / Within 6 months, and up to 2 Years

Startup VISA(D-8-4)

D-8-4 Technology and Business Startup visa issuance for founders of a corporation regarding technology and business startup immigration, who have bachelor's degree and intellectual property rights or equivalent skills

Trade VISA(D-9-1)

A trade VISA is a specialization of trade in order to expand the convenience of staying in Korea for excellent foreign traders. The requirements for obtaining a trade visa are diversified by scoring experience in Korea.

Item Business
Tech Startup 1. Short-term VISA 2. OASIS-4 Class 3. Change VISA
4. Corp. establishment 5. IP Application 6. Obtain 80 points 7. Change VISA
Trade Startup 1. Graduation College 2. OASIS-4+ Class 3. Private Business Registration 4. Trade Business Code Registration 5. Change VISA
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