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Overall Assistance for Startup Immigration System (OASIS) is a program operated by Global Startup Immigration Center designated by the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Small and Medium Venture Businesses. Develop your entrepreneurial skills with OASIS courses, and learn from those who've been there and done it before with our guides.

OASIS (Overall Assistance for Startup Immigration System) provides both start-up support and start-up visa (D-8-4) to foreigners who decide to launch business in Korea based on outstanding ideas and technology.

Requirements for Start-up VISA

Bachelor’s degree or Associate’s degree (only Korea) or Global Start-up Immigration Center Letter
+ 80 points+ (at least one required item should be included)
+ Corporation establishment

Example of 80 Points
Basic Start-up Class (3 days, 25 points) + Start-Up Coaching & Mentoring (10 hours, 15 Points) + Corporation establishment (2 weeks, 15 Points) + Basic Intellectual Property Course (2 days, 15 points) + Patent or Utility (1 months, 20 points)

1. New issuance

A. Prerequisite Items and Points (313 Points): At least one item is required.
Items IP Ownership (Registration) IP Application Co-inventor of registered IP Rights 3 years stay on E-3 VISA (Researcher) OASIS-6, OASIS-9 Investment 100M KRW
Patent or Utility Design Patent or Utility Design Patent or Utility Design
Points 80 50 20 10 5 3 15 25(each) 80

B. Elective Items and Points (135 Points)
Items OASIS-2, OASIS-4 OASIS-1, OASIS-5, OASIS-7 Education Background TOPIK Level3+, Completion of KIIP Establishment Company
Doctoral Degree Bachelor’s or Master's Degree from a Korean University
Points 25(each) 15(each) 10 5 10 15

2. VISA Extention

IP Ownership (Registration) + Business activities + Business and Patent connection (Check list)

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