OASIS programs (1~9) do not need to be taken in order
and you can take OASIS at your earliest convenience except OASIS 2 (Completion of OASIS 1 is required)

  • Basic Intellectual Property Course

    15 points, 12Hr
    contact: oasis@kipa.org
  • Advanced Intellectual Property Course

    25 points, 20Hr
    19th, 21th, and 22th May (Apply)

    contact: oasis@kipa.org
  • Intellectual Property Application Support

    contact: oasis@kipa.org
  • Prototype Production Support(Apply)

    contact: oasis@kipa.org
  • Invention, Start-Up Exhibition

    25 points
    Open May
  • Support Start-Up Items Commercialization

    Total Winner prize 50,000,000 won
    16th ~ 31th May (Apply)
    contact: oasis@kipa.org / 02-3459-2779
  • Basic Start-up Class

    OASIS-4, 25 points, 20Hr
  • Start-Up Coaching & Mentoring

    OASIS-5, 15 points, 10Hr
  • Graduation from Start-Up Incubation

    OASIS-7, 15 points, 6months
  • Support for corporation establishment (Apply)

    OASIS-8, 15 points
  • 무역전문교육과정

    OASIS-4+, 10 points, 25Hr, 3days, 무역비자(D-9-1)
    분기 1회(3월, 6월, 9월, 11월), 한국어수업
The program schedule is subject to change.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
OASIS 1,2,3,6,9 (oasis@kipa.org)
OASIS 4,4+,5,7,8 (oasis@kpc.or.kr)

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